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Aerobics Fitness- Zumba dance for weight loss.

Zumba is an amazing calorie burning cardio workout, extremely enjoyable for any age group. It is one of the best form of Aerobic exercises, which does not feel like exercise, as it involves lots of fun.

It is the most versatile, total body workout, inspired by various styles of Latin American dance.

It is fascinating how Zumba turns different styles of Latin dancing into an innovative energetic workout.

These are few of the Latin dance forms in Zumba.

*Salsa – A Latin Dance, an amalgamation of Cuban Dances.

*Flamenco – Spanish art form with percussion, footwork, hand and body movement.

*Hip-hop –Street Dance Style.

*Mambo – Latin Dance of Cuba. It is one of the greatest Latin music rhythms ever created.

*Martial Arts Dance Style – Capoeira martial art that originates from Brazil.

*Belly Dancing – Referred to as Arabic dance that originated in Egypt, with complex movements of the torso.

Most of you have experienced the joy performing Zumba dance in a group, session in a class, a party or at home.

Zumba is a powerful aerobic workout. Sessions move between high and low intensity dance moves designed to boost cardio endurance.

Aerobic workout requires steady supply of oxygen, resulting in high aerobic metabolism.

Aerobic metabolism is the process by which fats and carbohydrates are converted into usable energy in the presence of oxygen.

Zumba Works beautifully for children, also boosts confidence.

It is so addictive that any age group can get its benefits effortlessly.

Benefits of Zumba Workout:

1. In this workout, many dance steps involve the Hip and Midsection which help strengthen the Core. Jumps and Lunges help work the Quads and Hamstrings.

2. It enhances flexibility, strengthens the muscles involved in respiration, facilitate the flow of air in and out of the lungs.

3. Strengthens and enlarges the heart muscles, improving the pumping efficiency of the muscles. Zumba can help reduce high blood pressure lower risk of heart disease and cholesterol.

4. Excellent for weight loss. It is a powerful exercise in which you can burn 500 to 1000 calories in just 45 minutes to an hour in a single session.

5. Best body toner you ever knew, it works on several body muscles resulting in amazing body shape.

6. Boosts your heart health, gives not only aerobic benefits but also gives anaerobic benefits. Helps you maintain a great cardiovascular health.

7. Helps you de-stress. It shifts your mind away from the daily grinds, removes fatigue, and makes you alert enhancing overall Cognitive Functions.

8. It triggers positive feeling throughout your body and makes you happy.

9. Revs up metabolism.

Zumba is not only for women as believed by many.

It is great for men too.

Usually men prefer high impact exercises, they like to exercise their bodies doing weight training and all those ‘manly’ workouts.

I recommend Zumba for men too.

Zumba exercise fitness program was created by a guy named Alberto Parez, a Colombian Dancer and Choreographer in 1990.

Zumba happened accidentally. The Colombian dancer Albert Parez was teaching an aerobics class.

As he was about to begin, he realized that he forgot to carry his regular music. Having no other alternative at that point, he pulled out tapes of salsa and merengue from his bag pack.

That is how he got the idea of creating this workout.

This dance form has brought Latin rhythm and steps to the world.

Guys who have a sedentary lifestyle must perform Zumba.

The upbeat music inspires a feeling of joy and youthfulness and it doesn’t feel like a workout at all.

Zumba keeps your heart running and keeps your metabolism fired up long after the workout.


Start with 20 minutes each session and gradually increase to 45 to 60 minutes.

Start with small repeated steps if you have never practiced before or if you are overweight.

Don’t worry about coordination it will happen naturally over few days of practice.

Avoid too much bouncing and jumping in the beginning to avoid impact on the knees.

Zumba can be practiced solo.

You can modify the steps to meet your needs.

Incorporate some light weights to work your upper body for overall strength training.

Avoid repetitive movements for too long.

Add sufficient protein in your diet.

3 times a week - 30 minutes each workout session should be ideal, and can give great results.

Do not over do as you will end up losing your muscle mass.

You can do high intensity if you are in great health.

Talk to your doctor before starting if you have any medical issues.

No high impact moves if you have knee or back issues or if you have arthritis.

Zumba gear:

Wear comfortable attire. Any type of fitness clothes, yoga pants, shorts, tank tops, t shirt that are comfortable can be worn.

Dance sneakers or cross trainers will support your Zumba moves.

Shoes should have cushioning and minimal tread to allow you to change direction without stressing your knees, ankles or hips. Never try Zumba barefoot.

Music is the heart of Zumba. Music is used to create a positive atmosphere and set your mood.

Try the high energy beats that will motivate you.

Zumba moves can involve a lot of very fast twisting of joints with heavy impact.

Know your limitation before getting competitive with any one.

Zumba workout can be thrilling for those who have never been able to stick to any fitness routine.

If followed regularly, it can take your fitness to the next level.


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